A Video Message from Bishop Blake

…fruit that will last (John 15:16)

“SAC support has produced a fruit that will last.  Ailing, hunger stricken, bed ridden and war affected people who would not have seen the end of the day have found a reason to live.

Through SAC partners in Kenya, a vicious poverty cycle continues to be broken through community empowerment. The edge of sickness and diseases continue being blunt through disease control and treatment. Provision of education has continued to advance against the camps of illiteracy, poverty and diseases. SAC has impacted [thousands] of orphans living in Kenya.”

—George Ruheni, SAC Kenya Field Representative

Bishop Blake on Save Africa’s Children

I have visited Africa for most of the last 26 years.  When the Continent of Africa was struck by the AIDS pandemic, I and my associates were touched by the news that millions of African children would be orphaned because of the pandemic.

Jan- MainSave Africa’s Children was founded to assist our African brothers and sisters in caring for those children.  Now, we look back on more than ten years of productive involvement in that endeavor.  SAC has contributed funds to 400 orphan care programs in more than 24 nations of Africa, impacting the lives of more than 230,000 children.

After 10 exciting years of service, I am proud to observe that the negative AIDS statistics are declining, various entities are now playing a broader role in providing medical and humanitarian assistance, and I feel that it is time for me, and those who have generously supported SAC, to focus our energies toward other goals and objectives.

Therefore, I am formally announcing that under the guidance of the SAC Board of Directors, we are distributing all remaining funds (except for overhead expenses and staff compensation) to selected orphan care programs in Africa. We will continue the mission of the organization without the corporate representation or corporate branding.

My love for, and commitment to our brothers and sisters in Africa remain strong.  I am convinced that the wellbeing and success of both African Americans and Africans depends on mutual collaboration, and cooperative endeavors.

My sincere gratitude is extended to all who helped SAC save and change the lives of precious children.


Charles E. Blake, Sr.


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